Bay State Bike Week

May 12th - May 20th 2018

Massachusetts is the only state in the nation with a statewide bike week!

Every May, Massachusetts residents and bike commuters come together to celebrate human-powered, two-wheeled transportation during Bay State Bike Week (BSBW). From Cape Cod to the Berkshires and everywhere around and in between, Commonwealth participants organize bike-centric events to encourage new riders and raise awareness about bicycle transportation.

Whether you’re looking to join one of hundreds of events statewide, or host your own event, Bay State Bike Week has something for the novice to newbie rider. Anyone participating in BSBW is eligible to win raffle prizes and get additional rewards for logging any bicycle trip during BSBW and throughout the entire year.

How Do I Get Started?

Find An Event Keep in mind that more events are added frequently so keep checking back.

Register An Event Be sure to provide as much information as you can for those who are looking to participate in Bay State Bike Week events in their community.

Sign Up to Win Prizes for more information on our daily raffle prizes and how to get rewards all year long through NuRide.

Share the Logo In an effort to keep the message going, we ask that you share our logo on your promotional items, website, and printed material.

Request free Bay State Bike Materials to use at your event!